Daniel Rosenfeld was born in Palestine in 1929 then under the rule of the British Mandate. His father was a high official in the service of the British Government of Palestine. (1922-1948). He was educated in Hebrew and English schools. He was a member of the Haganah that fought for the independence of Israel. In 1948 he joined the Israel Defense Forces and fought during the War of Independence. In particular, he fought for the defense of the City of Jerusalem.

After his discharge from military service in 1949 he joined the Anglo Palestine Bank (now Bank Leumi le Israel) as a trainee.

Being fluent in several languages he was sent by his bank to London, New York and Los Angeles in the early 60’s. He also worked for two other international banking institutions until 1980. During his years in international banking he traveled on business to over 80 countries, and has developed a fund of knowledge about economic, political, social, and cultural affairs of many peoples.

In 1981 he left banking when his hobby of restoring historic buildings turned into a successful business. He is noted for restoring Searles Castle in Massachusetts, for which he received an award from the National Historic Trust when the Castle was declared a Federal Historic Site. He continued in real estate development and management until the year 2000.

The third phase of his career began when he finally had the time to devote to his lifelong interest in writing. A subject, which had intrigued him for many years was the absence of the Jewish people fighting against repressive regimes during the 2000 years of the diaspora.


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